WELCOME TO HOUSEDOGGE! My name is Angela Medlin. I'm a lifelong creative (design, art, interiors, and textiles) and a career professional Apparel Designer and Design Director for global companies that include Nike, Adidas, The North Face, Levi Strauss & Co, and others over the last two decades. 

In 2017, while on a creative sabbatical, a passion project became a much bigger idea. Inspired by my own experiences of sharing homes with four legged family members since childhood and observing how other in-home dogs cohabit with their people, I began re-imagining the look of dog beds and other pet accessories. As a consumer myself, I've often shopped for affordable product with subtle prints /colors and natural fabrics that easily integrate into the style of my living space. Unable to find this in the market , I saw an opportunity to create a new dog bed aesthetic and natural toys that achieve comfort for the pup and clean style in the home. The designs are minimalistic, comfortable, durable, easy to care for, and made with the health of the pet in mind. Attention is given to the construction, style, and natural materials. As added bonus, the bedding and toys can be personalized with the pet's name.

"Comfort for the pooch. Style for the home."

DESIGND supports THE PONGO FUND: Providing quality food and vital veterinary care for the family pets of anyone in honest need, keeping them safe, healthy and out of the shelters.

(Angela creates innovative, style conscious, purposeful product as demonstrated in her career as an Apparel Designer and Director for global companies. In addition, she enjoys bringing new life to old spaces (juxtaposing soul + minimalism into interior design), experimenting with textile design (combining natural + modern elements), and exhibiting meaningful art installations (inspired by mixing beautiful elements of various world cultures). Angela is, also, committed to mentoring other creatives, contributing to the local arts community, and supporting local dog shelters/charities.) 

The first HOUSE DOGGE by DESIGND collection is themed 'Cotton and Leather'. The collection consists of minimalistic, customizable, quality cotton dog beds and tough leather toys.  CLICK HERE to shop the product.