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    Welcome to the website of Taizhou Xianglong CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd.! English Chinese

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    Address: No. 188 Xingtai Road, Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province
    Mob: 13505263039
    Contact: Liu Baoxiang (General Manager)

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    Quick-cutting hand machine series

    Quick-cutting hand machine series

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      • The lifting of the wire frame adopts the seamless rack lifting technology to ensure the smooth lifting of the wire frame and completely eliminate the single-sided loose wire (patented technology)

      • The transmission and guiding mechanism adopts V-shaped guide rail or Taiwan Shangyin linear guide rail and double nut ball screw to ensure accuracy

      • Stepper drive mode servo drive is arbitrarily selected, electrical and control robustness is high

      • Centralized automatic oil supply system, simple maintenance and proper maintenance

      • Economical and practical, convenient operation and simple maintenance